Greek Tourism Minister clarifying Covid-19 controls on flights from high-risk airports

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis referred to two safety protocols in place as Greece opens to tourism on 15th June, underlining that there are no restrictions on countries but on high-risk airports.

On Sky News, Theoharis stated that Greece’s tourism program foresees opening the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki on 15th June to travellers and all of the country’s airports as of July 1.

He added that passengers on flights from airports in all countries listed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) would be allowed entry with possibility of quarantine should someone test positive and that random testing would be carried out on passengers of flights that are not on the list.

Last month, a list released by the ministry with 29 countries allowed admission into Greece without testing and self-isolation created concern among British travelers as the UK, one Greece’s main source markets, was not included.

Theoharis clarified that the decision was made based on airports located in affected areas with high risk of Covid-19 of transmission as these were identified by the EASA, and not on countries.

He also added that the EASA list is updated every week and that he hoped it would get shorter as the days go by.

“Therefore, we are not restricting any flights but are following stricter protocols only for aircraft coming from [airports] on this list, he said.

On Tuesday, 2nd June, Greece suspended all flights to and from Qatar until 15th June after 12 passengers on board a Doha flight to Athens tested positive for Covid-19.

All 91 passengers on board of the Qatar Airways were screened for Covid-19 after landing at Athens International Airport.

(Source:  3rd June)


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