Cleaning of the Greek “Kamara Trail” in Vrises

Clean up of the Elliniki Kamara path in Vrysses, organised by the “WeTakeCareofApokoronasVillages” local action group.

After a long period of forced inactivity and isolation, it’s time to meet again.
We chose a relatively easy action with the main goal of reactivating the team.
The path of Elliniki Kamara starts from the square of Vrysses and ends at the homonymous bridge, on a route by the river.

Our appointment is in the square at 9.30, Sunday June 21st.

Come with gloves, bags and water. After cleaning we will meet again in the square for coffee and conversation.
We are waiting for you all there

Link to contact organisers: https://www.facebook.com/WeTakeCareOfApokoronasVillages