AEGEAN AIRLINE: protective measures before and during flights

AEGEAN AIRLINE has just issued a number of measuresAEGEAN before and during flights with Aegean Airline, measures taken in close cooperation with the authorities:

“Face masks are obligatory for all passengers in all airport areas as well as during the flight.

Before your flight

• We recommend that you check in online 48 hours prior to your flight and choose your favourite seat, in order to avoid unnecessary crowding in the airport.
• We suggest that you always check the status of your flight, updated policies of your departure airport as well as the travel restrictions of your travel destination.
At the airport

• Plexiglass separators have been installed in all of our ticket offices, sanitizing dispensers are available at each desk, floor markings show clearly visible distancing guides.
• Business Lounges are temporarily closed in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaka.
• Boarding takes place in groups, starting with window seats. You are asked to scan your boarding pass and present your identification document to our staff. If there is a transfer by bus to the aircraft, buses are filled to only 50% of their capacity and the number of buses used is increased.

On board

• We offer individual water bottles, a pre-packed snack and antiseptic wipes.
• Currently our inflight magazine and newspapers are not available on board. Instead, when travelling to international destinations, we suggest that you connect to our infotainment platform AEGEAN Stream through the Aegean APP using your personal device.
• Shop on board sales are suspended.
• On all flights 3 rows of seats will be kept vacant – either in the front or at the back of the aircraft – in case we should need to isolate a passenger with potential symptoms.

At your destination

• Disembarkation takes place using only the front door of the aircraft, by small groups of passengers, starting with the aisle seats.

New clean standard
In order to guarantee a healthy and clean travel experience, we are closely monitoring the latest health developments and regularly reviewing and enhancing our procedures.

Enhanced Aircraft cleaning
The average cleaning time is doubled between all of our flights, at all stations in Greece and abroad, both during the day and after the last flights at night.
• All sensitive touch areas such as seats, arm rests, table trays, side walls, overhead bins, toilets etc are intensively cleaned and sanitized.
• Aircraft arriving in Athens from abroad are disinfected on arrival, and regular disinfection is performed on all other aircraft.

Air circulation on board
The air in the cabins is, on average, completely renewed every 3 minutes during cruise time. This rate is much higher than that usually experienced in other indoor environments. All Airbus aircraft in our fleet are equipped with HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors), which capture more than 99% of even microscopic bacteria and viruses.

Our people
Our staff is trained in the latest hygiene protocols and cleaning procedures and use personal protective equipment (face masks and gloves) to ensure a safe travel experience both for you and themselves. Additionally, all of our active crew members are tested for Covid-19 every 15 days. These tests take place at our airport facilities”.

Watch the brief summary of all the measures in the video “We are ready to fly again”

Source: Aegean Airline ( 25th May)



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