All the dates – gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions to begin on 4th May – (PM Mitsotakis’ speech on 28th April)

After more than a month Greeces government gradually and cautiously starts lifting several restrictions starting on 4th May.

The governments plan, carefully prepared by a task force compiled of ministers, epidemiologists, and state secretaries, stretches from early May to the end of June, but is, of course, open to revision in case the situation worsens after the lifting of restrictions.

PM Mitsotakis has stressed that a return to life as it was before the pandemic is, at this point, unthinkable. Social distancing will be a key parameter, as well as the use of face masks in closed spaces, workplaces and public transport.

  • 4th May:
    Travelling will be allowed throughout the country, with the exception of the islands.
    Written permission and related SMS are removed.
    Traffic restrictions from one prefecture to another will remain in force.
    Allowed in vehicles: driver and 2 passengers.
    Gatherings  limited to 10 people.
    Churches only for individual prayer.
    Outside department stores and large individual stores will open, with special rules. In all stores number of visitors will be limited. Strict measures will be taken to protect employees.
    Personal hygiene companies like beauty salons and hairdressers will operate by appointment ONLY, with a schedule for the opening hours.
    Individual sports allowed in the open air and sea. However, organized beaches will still be closed.Labor rallies and May Day events  will most probably take place on 9th  May as movement restrictions are still in force on 1stMay .
  • 11th May:
    -the students of the 3rd Lyceum will return to classes.
    Other Lyceum and High School classes will open on 18th May
    – remaining retail stores will start operating
  • 17th May :
    Churches open to the public, the faithful are allowed to attend religious services under strict rules.
  • 18th May:
    Zoos and botanical gardens, archaeological sites, gambling facilities (OPAP)Traffic restrictions* (see below) within the country will be lifted all together, that is movement from one prefecture to another one and away from the area of the residence permit will be lifted. Most possible, travelling to islands will remain only for residents.
  • 1st June:
    Shopping malls and department stores,
    cafes, bars, restaurants will allow to have customers in outdoor space.
    Hotels of 12-month operation
    Remaining justice facilities, courts


Find below a rough schedule of the lifting of restrictions posted before PM Mitsotakis’ announcement by the media and this includes also the “travel restrictions* to  countryside and the islands.).

  • Beginning of June
    Entertainment and sports venues (cinemas, theaters, entertainment centers, gyms, etc.)
    Restoration of the domestic flights
    Primary schools and possibly also kindergartens and daycare centers.
  • mid- June – 15th June
    Hotels that are usually open all year, seasonal tourist accommodation.
    Opening of organized beaches
    Restoration of sea traffic to the islands
    Group sportsHotel units on islands and areas where there is insufficient health infrastructure, are expected to open in late Juneand early July and once the issue of air transport has been resolved.
  • End of June
    Restoration of international flights
    Restart of Super League
  • Beginning of July
    Opening of seasonal tourist accommodation facilities.
    The Prime Minister said that large gatherings like in concerts and sports events are unlikely this summer.


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