Municipality Platanias: safety measures regarding public health – postponement of events

Concerning the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus, the Municipality of Platanias informs all citizens that the following events are postponed – events organised or co-organized by the Municipality of Platanias),  following the recent instructions of the relevant Ministries.

a) The Municipal Theatre of Crete “Sons and Daughters” (“ Γιοι και Κόρες”), scheduled for Thursday March 12th at 7pm, at the Maleme Cultural Centre.
b) The Training Seminar on “Education for Sustainability & Orthodox Tradition” (“ Εκπαίδευση για την Αειφορία & Ορθόδοξη παράδοση”) ,  scheduled for Friday, March 13th, 7 pm, at the Orthodox Academy of Crete.
c) The cycling event “ ΓΥΡΟΣ ΑΝΟΙΞΗΣ”, scheduled for Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March, within the  Platanias Municipality.
(d) Events for the Memory of the Victims of Traffic Accidents at Polenta Park, and the Annual International Multimedia Competition for Traffic Accidents of the Year 2020, scheduled for Friday, March 20th, at  the Polenta Park at Nerantzia (church and park on the road from Tavronitis towards Voukoulies, on the right) respectively at the Cultural Centre.
Οι εκδηλώσεις για τη μνήμη θυμάτων τροχαίων ατυχημάτων, στο Πάρκο Πολέντα, και ο Ετήσιος Διεθνής Διαγωνισμός Πολυμέσων για τα τροχαία δυστυχήματα έτους 2020, που ήταν προγραμματισμένες για την Παρασκευή 20 Μαρτιου, στο Πάρκο Πολέντα στη Νεραντζιά Βουκολιών και στο Πνευματικό Κέντρο αντίστοιχα.

Source: Municipality Platanias


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