Exhibition “100 years Melina Mercouri” – Chania 6th March until September 2020

The Greek Ministery of Culture declared the year 2020 “Year of Melina Merkouri”  in memory of Melina Mercouri, who was the first female to take over the culture ministry, and in honor of her contribution to the promotion of “cultural diplomacy” as well as for her dedication to spearheading the drive for the return of the Parthenon Marbles too Greece (Culture Minister Lina Mendoni).

The  exhibition  100 Years MELINA MERKOURI  includes posters and archive material, cinematic and theatrical lithographs,  music discs, theatrical programs, magazines and newspaper clippings from around the world. The material covers the period 1920-1994 and aims to highlight Melina Merkouri’s personality, her work in theatre and cinema as well as her political work.
Opening:  Friday, 6th  March at 20.00, at the premises of the  Cultural Centre, Andrea Papandreou 74, Chania.

The exhibition,  celebrated  as  the Melina Merkouri Year by the Ministry of Culture  in 2020, will run from March until September 2020, opening hours  10.00 am. – 1.00 pm and  6.00 pm – 9.00 pm.

Workshops, film screenings and music nights will be held as part of the exhibition.

Referring to Mercouri’s contribution to culture, the Minister of Culture said: “Many things that are self-evident today were completely pioneering at the time… I don’t know if younger generations know, this is a chance to remind them, but it is also a good opportunity to honor her memory and bring things closer to today’s affairs… because remembrance is important when it can improve the present and enhance the future”. (news.gtp.gr )

The actionsMelina Mercouri exhibition are co-organized by the Region of Crete – Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of Chania, the Cultural Center of Chania and the Chania Film Festival.


Source: Grammateas politismou kai mousikis, Chania


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