British Citizens living in Greece – register as resident!

The UK has left the EU, with an agreement (the Withdrawal Agreement) that covers a number of things, including citizens rights. For a fuller explanation of the WA and what it covers, the “British in Europe” site is a good resource.

One important point for British citizens to note, is that the rights described in the WA apply only to those who are legally resident before the end of the transition period. This is why campaign groups are encouraging all British citizens to ensure they are registered as legally resident in Greece.

Should I be doing anything now?

  • If you want to stay any longer than 90 days in any 180 day period in Greece after 31/12/2020 you need to be registered with the Greek authorities by that date. They will give you a registration permit.
  • If you’ve had your beige registration (temporary residence) permit for over five years, upgrading to the blue (permanent residence) permit is suggested, as it will give you more rights.
  • Children also need registering, unless they are Greek citizens.
  • Thinking of moving to Greece? It is easier if you can come here and get registered before the end of 2020. After this date, you will be expected to meet much more stringent criteria.
  • You are advised to change UK driving licences to Greek ones.
  • At some point around the end of this year UK citizens will be asked by the Greek authorities to exchange EU permits – both beige and blue – with new biometric permits.

More information can be found on the British in Europe group website as well as in the informative Facebook group British in Greece where you can find specific advice as to how to go about applying for all the above mentioned paperwork.

One other thing you can do is to reach out to other UK nationals you know that are living in Greece and ensure they know about the need to register as resident before Dec 2020.

The registration process is relatively simple and quick, so please do get it done!