Cinema nights, Orthodox Academy Kolymbari, until April 2020

CINEMA NIGHTS – “Portraits”

As part of its activities for the local community, the Orthodox Academy in Kolymbari, will screen a series of feature films that have left their mark on the world stage, with the aim of constructively discussing and reflecting on the young people, parents, teachers and everyone in our society.

Biographies have always been a special charm to the public, as through them we discover more and get to understand better the faces and stories that have actually existed and are a source of inspiration and role models for us all. This series of films focuses on the Arts and artists, and each film is accompanied by a talk about the subject of the film.

Films are shown on Saturday evenings , starting around 6:30 or 7pm, in the conference room of the Orthdox Academy. For further information you can read the Program below.

Non Greek films may be in English with Greek subtitles (English titles given in brackets when available)

Sat 7th December – Έχω γύρισμα με τον ερωτόκριτο και την αρετούσα

Sat 14th December – Καλή σου νύχτα κυρ’Αλέξανδρε

Sat 11th January – Μοντιλιάνι (Modigliani)

Sat 25th January – Αλέξανδρος (Alexandros)

Sat 8th Feb – Ο Λόγος του Βασιλιά (The King’s Speech)

Sat 15th Feb – Η θεωρία των πάντων (The Theory of Everything)

Sat 14th March – Το παιχνίδι της μίμησης (The Imitation Game)

Sat 21st March – Μαντώ Μαυρογένους

Sat 28th March – Αλέξης Ζορμπάς (Zorba the Greek)

Sat 25th April –  Ελ Γκρέκο (El Greco)