Santa Run Chania 2019 gathering elves – call for participants!!

SANTA RUN, the big charity event,  is the participation of volunteers, the participation of all of us!2019 Santa Run

“On   Saturday, 23rd November, 19.00,  at the “Vlisidis” Theatre (Koum Kapi) we invite all those who wish to become volunteers in this year’s event.
You can also use the municipality’s email (santarun@chania.gr), as well as any appropriate social media to further enhance what we all want. The Santa Run of 2019 ”,  said deputy mayor Mr. Giannakakis in a recent press conference.
There is also an online form for volunteers.
Facebook Santa Run 2019: https://www.facebook.com/santarunchaniaa/


The big charity event  Santa Run 2019 was said to be cancelled due to a lack of volunteers. The municipality of Chania now took over the organization, with the Mayor Panagiotis Samandirakis stressing the importance of this event during last week’s press conference: “It fills our town with  colour, with life,  volunteer spirit and philanthropy”.

Everyone is invited this year to communicate through the City Hall but also through social media and any other means you find appropriate in order to participate. Santa Run is the participation of volunteers, it is the participation of businesses that, with their donations, support these unions, it is the participation of all of us who support this effort.

The beneficiary organizations are ORIZONTAS  (support for people suffering from cancer), ELEPAP Chania (charity supporting  disabled children),  KIFALMEA (for children suffering from cerebral palsy) and KHFAP  (autism sufferers and their families).

Source: Xaniotika Nea 14th November


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