Anti smoking action, Chania

Anti-smoking cigarette butt collection

Starting at the playground next to the Pili tis ammou on Sunday, November 17 at 10am, we are waiting to see how many cigarette butts we will be able to pick up from the streets of Chania. At the starting point we will provide you with gloves, empty bottles and vests.
Our finish “line” will be at 11:30 am in the Municipal Garden café, where the concentrated cigarette butts will be weighed and compared to a volumetric sample so that we have a realistic measurement of how much and how long we have been able to collect.

An anti-smoking action meets ecology, that meets responsible citizens.
Perhaps the discarded cigarette butts have been incorporated as an integral part of the urban landscape. People may still feel that there are other more important issues that deserve their attention and resolution.
But in the thrown butts lays the stereotypical image of an indifferent citizen who translates as ashtray, any piece of land that starts outside his door.
Even in his backyard, Even in his car he does not throws his cigarette butts down … On the contrary … he dumps them in the middle of the asphalt or in the parking lot.
In this mixture of indifference, deprecation and decandence, we respond with a measurable action.

Starting Sunday, November 17, 10:00 am at the playground next to the Sand Gate. Finish and count at 11:30 in the Municipal Garden café.

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