10th Panhellenic event: celebration for breastfeeding – Chania 3rd November

The Pan-Hellenic Network of Voluntary Breastfeeding and Maternity Support Groups  organise an event on Sunday, 3rd November   – a celebration for breastfeeding.

WHEN: 3rd November 11.00
WHERE: Cultural Centre, A.Papandreou,3 Nov Breastfeeding Chania

Breastfeeding or not, expectant mothers, ex-breastfeeding mothers, dads, grandmothers, friends and other relatives, ALL of you who support breastfeeding and /or want to be informed, join the Breastfeeding Celebration.
The event has been designed to raise awareness, to support ‘new’ mothers, to share information and to get to know each other!

“In this celebration, we are participating for the tenth consecutive year, mothers from different cities in Greece, members of our Network teams, with the aim of promoting, supporting, informing, encouraging and exchanging information on breastfeeding, not only as words in a brochure or in a speech, but practically as a picture and presence “from mother to mother”.”

Although breastfeeding is free and does not obey hours, babies who want to be breastfed around 12.00 will be counted in the all-time Simultaneous Breastfeeding that will be done at the same time in all cities!


Source: Grafio-Politismos, Chania


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