“Viticulture in Western Crete”, event with music and traditional dances – Chania 28th August

The event “Wine growing in western Crete – the  Romeiko variety” takes place at the Venetian Harbour.

WHEN: Wednesday, 28th August 20.30
WHERE:  Giali Tzamisi Square (behind the Mosque), Venetian Port of Chania.

Event Coordinator: Georgios Georgilakis, President of the Kissamos Promotion Association ” Gramvousa”

– Greetings
– Viticulture in western Crete – the variety of Romeiko.
– Traditional music: Nikos Charchalakis and Giannis Papadakis (violin and lute)
– Traditional dances
– Speakers: Andreas and Giannis Pnevmatikakis  (Pnevmatikakis Winery in Drapanias)

Event Coordinator: Georgios Georgilakis, President of the Kissamos Promotion Association ” Gramvousa”,

A few words about Kissamos Wine…

The traditionally produced wine in the region of Kissamos  is unique.  it is said that the emperors from  Byzantine and ancient Roman times sent specially designed ships to transport wine and oil to their palaces. Very important references to Kissamos and its wines are found in Dioscurides’ books written around 100 AD.

Source: biscotto.gr28th Viticulture


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