Theatre: Racine’s “Phèdre” – Nopigia 3rd August and Agios Antonios 4th August

Racine’s classic tragedy, “Phédre”, a masterpiece of  French 17th century literature, stems from Plutarch and Virgil and its subject is inspired by Euripides’s “Hippolytus” and Seneca’s “Phaedra”. The unlawful love of Phaedra for Hippolytus, the son of her husband Theseus, is revived through the new translation of poet and translator Stratis Paschalis. The translation  captures the morphology of the original play through a modern language.
Organisation:  Athens Festival, Epidaurus Festival, DIPETHE of Crete
WHEN:3rd August 21.30
WHERE: : Stone Theatre in Nopigia ( European-Mediterranean Youth Center of the OAK)

And on Sunday 4th August 21.30 at the Alexis Minotis Theatre,  in Agios Antonios. ( south of Kolymbari, via Spilia, Drakona, on the road towards Kares.)
3 u 4 August Nopigi Ag Antonios

Admission: 15 €
Adults over 65: 12 €

Children up to 18, students, unemployed: 10 €
Disabled: up to 67:  10 €, over 67 free entry

Source: www.flashnews,gr


8-10 August Phaedra Chania


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