Theatre: Don Juan – Chania 7th August

7 AUgust Don JuanIn Don Juan, Molière deals with one of the greatest contemporary myths, offering the most powerful literary incarnation of the legendary character and one of the most enchanting and enigmatic creations of world dramaturgy.
A provocative mix of social satire and metaphysical concern, this play that has been the subject of scandal and censorship since its very first presentation, criticized in its time like no other play, still maintains its subversive power.

WHEN: 7th August 21.30
WHERE: Eastern Moat Theatre, Chania
Entrance: € 18,-
Pre-sale, students, people over 65 years: €15,-
unemployed, disabled: € 12,-

Pre-sale: at the ticket booths in the Municipal Park, Chania.
This play is in the Greek language

Molière leads the profile of his dissolute hero to the extreme. He shifts interest from Don Juan’s love affairs to his philosophy. He endows him with a degree of clarity that allows him to justify his actions through the undisputed rationalism of a free thinker, while at the same time revealing the hypocrisy of the society surrounding him. For him, a constant quest for pleasure essentially means asserting absolute freedom by denying any emotional, moral, social, family and religious barrier. Molière, thus, composes the absolutely captivating but also dreadful portrait of a provocateur, undermining institutions, rules and values and violating social taboos, challenging the conservative societies of all eras.

Directed by THEMIS MOUMOULIDIS, founder and artistic director of the Five Season Art theatrical organization, and an artist with a history of high-level productions successfully presented throughout Greece for more than 20 years.

NIKOS KOURIS stars as Don Juan, ZETA MAKRIPOULIA is Elvira, and MAKIS PAPADIMITRIOU is Sganarelle.

Source: CAM


7 AUgust Don Juan


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