Open Air Cinema “The Barefoot Bataillon” (Το ξυπόλητο τάγμα) – Tavronitis 3rd July

Every Wednesday in July – the summer open air cinema in Tavronitis starts its programme on Wednesday 3rd July!

The Barefoot Battalion (1953) is the true story of 160 children during the Nazi occupation in WWII. A young survivor of WWII and former member of the reputed “Barefoot Battalion”, a close-knit pack of disciplined orphaned boys, recounts the story of the one hundred sixty orphans who aided the Resistance, to a homeless street urchin.
Greek film, directed by Greg Talas, starring: Maria Kosti, Nikos Fermas, Antonis Voulais.
Music: Mikis Theodorakis

WHEN: 3rd July 21.00
WHERE: Tavronitis,  at the beachfront (War Memorial)
Free entrance.

Duration: 93 ‘

Plot: In postwar Thessaloniki, Dimitris, a young man, “arrests” Spyros, a kid who stole a wallet and tells him his story, namely the story of the 160 children that made up “The Barefoot Battalion” and struggled to survive during the Occupation. Risking life and limb and turned out of an orphanage, they had formed a gang of heroes that stole food and medical supplies from the Germans and their collaborators and distributed them to people in need. They even engineered the escape of an officer of the allies to the Middle East with the help a Greek woman (Maria Kosti) engaged by the Germans as an interpreter. Stealing a few cans of oil from a black-marketer nearly had them arrested and executed by the Germans. In the end, after listening to the whole story, the kid follows Dimitris to the orphanage and decides to stay there where he will be given food and shelter and will grow up to be an honest person.

Source: Cultural Association of TavronitisTavronitis open air cinema


The next few screenings:

10th July: “Witness for the Prosecution” , thriller (1957).
Venue: in the courtyard of the Cultural Association in Tavronitis.

Directed by Billy Wilder, starring: Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester
Plot:An unusual murder case tempts an ailing barrister back into action in this courtroom drama based on a play by  Agatha Christie.

17th July: “Paddington 2” (2017)
( “Paddington 1” was shown in summer of 2018.)
Suitable for all ages
English film, directed by Paul King with: Hugh Boville, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Grant, Brendan Glison
Plot:Paddington witnesses the theft of a mysterious book, but is accused of being a perpetrator and imprisoned. Now he has to survive in the tough prison and Brown find the real culprit to release their favorite teddy bear.
Funny and cute sequel to an exemplary made comic adventure for all ages.

24th July: “An almost perfect Town” (“Un paese quasi perfetto”)2016 – comedy written by Ken Scott, directed by Jean-François Pouliot.

Plot:Pietramezzana, located high up in in the mountains of Southern Italy, is nearly a ghost town. Most of the young people have gone, leaving just a small group of ex-miners, unemployed after the closure of the local mine. But it suddenly seems that a new factory will soon open in the area. This could be the solution to all of the town’s problems, but there cannot be a factory without a local doctor, and the only physician around is a yuppie plastic surgeon from the North, who is stuck there just temporarily. Can the people of Pietramezzana convince him to stay?

An Italian remake of the Canadian film “The Grand Seduction (2013)”


Save the date: 31st July: Cretan Night. Detailed information will be announced.

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