Sound journey with crystal instruments and violin – Chania 20th April

20 SoundhealingSound journey with crystal instruments and violin – enchanting, extraordinary soundscapes of crystal didgeridoo, crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramids, crystal spheres, crystal & elven harps, hang, monochord, gong, drum, flute and voice merge in sound waves and rich overtones.
An extraordinary concert, you can sit or lie down, as you prefer.

WHEN: 20th April 18.30  (arrival time 18.15)
WHERE: PHISPACE, Kriari 40, 5th floor, Chania
Reservations and Info
28210 99468 or 694 5730851

Manuela Kirchberger: crystal singing bowls, crystal and elfen harp, crystal pyramids, voice, monochord and more
Thomas Plum: crystal didgeridoo, drums, handpan and more
Birgit Reimer: violin, viola and more

Manuela Ina Kirchberger and Thomas Plum, from Leipzig, Germany, have played about 500 soundhealing concerts in the last six years.  The artists create deeply touching, cosmic-mystical worlds of sound with their approximately 25 different instruments. The extraordinary timbres often leave the listener with deep impressions and may open new areas of consciousness.
Manuela and Thomas are the founders of the international “global soundhealing network”, that interacts in a lot of events all over the planet to every newmoon and fullmoon.
Sound healing
The soundhealer and violonist Birgit Reimer, living in Crete and Germany, has been connected to their network of soundhealing for many years. She also played with the artist couple several concerts in Germany. Birgit is professional violinist and music therapist. She  frequently offers sound healing meditations with her “cosmos gong”at Phispace/ Chania and a lot of soundhealing concerts and workshops in Greece and in Germany.

In this very special soundhealing event at Phispace Birgit will play the violin, viola and her cosmos gong, Manuela and Thomas will play a lot of different crystal instruments.

Source: Φspace –  Phispace Αρμονικός Πολυμορφικός Χώρος


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