Theatre: “Consent” – Chania 22nd – 24th February

“Consent” is a well-researched play by the British playwright Nina Raine. It deals with the attitude of our society towards the phenomenon of rape and how victims of rape are treated by the current justice system. Theatre Nina Rein

WHERE: Theatre Kydonia, Ypsilantou 12, Chania
WHEN: 22nd, 23rd and 24th February 21.15

On-line ticket pre-sale: www.ticketservices.gr  and  tickets.public.gr as well as in PUBLIC stores
Information – reservation of seats: tel. 2821092395


Nina Raine’s timely rape drama:

Nina Raine’s prickly drama about rape and sexual consent felt like a bold statement when it premiered to huge acclaim at London’s National Theatre in April 2017.
Nina Raine’s Consent is a play about a group of lawyers and their private lives, about attitudes towards rape, and how victims of rape are treated by the current British justice system. It was first performed as a co-production with Out of Joint in the Dorfman auditorium of the National Theatre, London, on 4 April 2017 (previews from 28 March).

The plot of Consent revolves around a contentious rape case: a working-class woman, Gayle, alleges that she was raped on the night of her sister’s funeral, while the accused claims that she consented. The barrister acting for the defence, Edward, and his wife, Kitty, are friends with the case’s crown prosecutor, Tim. When Edward and Kitty try to set Tim up with an actress friend, Zara, who’s auditioning for a big legal drama herself, their own marriage comes under strain. Having counselled their best friends Jake and Rachel, also lawyers, through their own rocky patch, Edward and Kitty find themselves in a similar situation. Fraying under the pressures of motherhood, and never having forgiven Edward over a previous indiscretion, Kitty winds up in an affair of her own and, after a fraught argument, she accuses him of rape.

“I raped this woman… no witness, she’s a bit of a drinker, so am I, her word against mine.”

Not a confession, a bit of repartee. A criminal barrister (Ed) is entertaining his close mates Jake and Rachel, barristers too, at his and his wife Kitty’s post-natal house-warming, comparing notes, detailing the case he’s working on, and speaking weirdly as if in the persona of his client. The wine flows, their baby is passed around with smug satisfaction, and we’re almost at home with it all ourselves, because, as played by Stephen Campbell Moore, Ed’s a bit of charmer. We say “yes” to him and his callous banter without fully meaning to. (www.telegraph.co.uk)

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