Beach Cleaning in Kissamos, 2nd February

We are meeting for a Beach cleaning in Kissamos on Saturday morning

2nd February, h 11:00am

Meet on Kissamos beach near Pyrgos river mouth, by outdoor basketball and tennis court.

Map coordinates: 35.499732, 23.650861

The beaches are still full of rubbish mixed with bamboo sticks from the recent storms.
We are going to remove some of that, mostly plastic, from the beaches in Kastelli and put it in its proper place, in the bins.

After the cleaning, the team will make plans for participation in Kissamos carnival. Come along, we have some great ideas!

As always, it’s good to know if you’re coming, the best way is a short message in the discussion below. For any other help with directions, lifts, or anything else, you can call 6944413919.


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.