9th Biennale Young Greek Architects – Chania 16th February – 7th March

The 16 Febr Biennale ArchitectureCentre for Mediterranean Architecture presents the 9th Biennale of Young Architects of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture from 16th February to 7th March at the Grand Arsenal.

Opening and jury speeches:
Saturday, 16th February 19:00, Grand Arsenal, Venetian Harbour,Chania

Speeches of the young architects :
Sunday 17 th February 11:00

Duration of the exhibition: 16th February 2019 – 7th March 2019
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 09.00 – 15.00 and 18.00 – 21.00
Free entrance


The Biennale aims at rewriting the best productions of the young architects. However, it does not only record the works of an era, but it projects a number of works from a wider set as the most important ones, depicting the “stigma” of the two-year period. In this way, the Biennale is the expression of a modern architectural “style” from a particular point of view.

At this year’s 9th Biennale,  the visitor of the exhibition will be able to “read” the judges’ choices and their explanatory texts:
The EIA (Hellenic Institute of Architecture) has decided to upgrade the role of the selection committee, inviting important theorists and architects, to reflect on the submitted material and evaluate the projects of the exhibition.
The five-member committee consists of Elias Constantopoulos, President of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and architects, Konstantina Kalfa, Theoni Xanthi, Panos Tsakopoulos and Kostas Tsiambaos.

Source: KAM






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