Registering for local vote in Greece – Support Democracy

Local elections are coming up soon in Greece.

They are scheduled to be held, together with European elections, in May 2019.

All European Union local residents can register to vote for local (and European) elections here at their municipality.

Voting is an important part of our civic duties, as well as a right that everyone really should exercise.
If you believe that democracy is a good system, in representative democracy voting is one of the most fundamental actions you can take to support it. Even if you don’t especially like the system, not voting simply means that someone else will take decisions also for you!
And lest we forget, for all those who actively moved to Greece, we chose to live in the place where democracy comes from.
Extra benefit: in small places, your vote has a relatively heavier weight, that is it counts more!

So be a good citizen, take your documents with you and go get registered, get informed and on election day go and cast your vote.

In Kissamos, you can register at the Protocol office in the Town Hall, ground floor next to the KEP office.

If language is a barrier or you need any help, we find this so important that we will come and help you. Send us an email on info [at]


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