Exhibition: “At the Heart of Mai ’68” – Chania 15th until 29th October


Invitation  to the exhibition of the French photographer Philippe Gras entitled “At the Heart of May ’68”, which reflects the time of the uprising
in May 1968, with the parallel projection of the documentary “Mai 68, un étrange printemps “by Dominique Beaux.

WHEN:  15th – 29th October, opening hours 10.00 – 14.00 and 18.00 – 21.00
WHERE: Hall of the Literary Association “Chrysostomos”, Chalidon 82, Chania


May ’68 has been recorded as the most important revolutionary event of the post-war world, a rebellion that began as a simple protest and then acquired a universal character against the established system.The May 68 events influenced the whole world in the late 1960s, teaching not just  to accept the data, but to dream and plan, with vitality, enthusiasm and faith in the impossible, the present and the future.
50 years later, the Region of Crete-Regional Unity of Chania, in co-organization with the French Embassy in Greece, the French Institute of Greece, the Greek-French Association of Chania, the Chrysostomos Philological Association, within the framework of the 6th Cinema  Festival in Chania,  presents 43 photographs, entitled “At the Heart of May 68,” by  the French photographer Philippe Gras, who chronicled the revolt.Mai 68



I'm Austrian living in Tavronitis, love nature, music, good books, sunsets, the sea, travelling, socializing and more. I came to Crete as a student in the early 70s, exploring the west and southwest of the island with friends by motorbike. When you are young everything is important and, there are lots of things to do...I did. Job, family,children, travelling the world. But I never lost my love for Crete for a minute. And seven years ago I ended up in this convenient corner of Crete, not only for holidays, but to stay and haven't regretted it for a minute.