Documentary “Unforgettable – Women in Crete 1941-1945” – Chania 28th September

The documentary (in Greek with English subtitles)  about he female resistance during the Occupation of Crete,  directed by Barbara Englert and Leonie Englert,  will be screened on Friday 28 September at 20:30 at the Cultural Center of Chania, Andrea Papandreou Str. 70.

With the support of the German Foreign Ministry and courtesy support of the  Cultural Association Frankfurt am Main, the  Foundations Women in Europe, Rudolf Augstein,  the Foundation Citoyen,  and  the Sparda Bank.


28 Sept UnforgettableThe documentary (German title “Eingebrannt”) recounts the history of the German Occupation on the part of women, highlighting aspects that have barely been researched.

On their successive trips to Crete from spring  2016 to  autumn of 2018, the directors took many interviews with survivors of the Occupation, aged 80 to 100 years ago.

With a  clarity that shocks, they recount the executions and burning of villages, hunger, forced labor, displacement, the fear that never left them. They are  telling their daily struggle for survival, their acts of resistance against the Germans, solidarity with each other and the role of the donors in the atrocities committed by the Germans.

What women tell and what’s left “inconspicuous” is revived in an inventive way through scenes of puppet theater filmed in the places where the events happened.

The dolls were made and animated by the puppet theater group “Fyrdi Mifid” by Zoos Vlassis and Natassas Tapakis from Rethymnon. The colleague of photographers and observers Obscura Lab also collaborates in the film from Rethymno.

The documentary is featured with English subtitles, premiered last January in Frankfurt, where it received a warm welcome from the audience and the press.

Source: Goethe Institut Chania / Grafio Politismou kai Mousikis, Municipality Chania




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