Chamber Music Festival 2018 : “Light and Darkness” – Platanias 24th August


The 7th Chamber Music Festival bids farewell to the summer and welcomes fall. This year’s festival is a musical journey through Light and Darkness. This theme is expanded in four concerts (24th, 27th, 29th August and 1st September)
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The first concert of the Chamber Music Festival  with two very antithetical works explores the theme of Light and Darkness: Schönberg’s strictly programmatic  Verklärte Nacht versus Mendelssohn’s romantic freedom of dance and joy.
The contrast between these two works is further amplified by the fact that both are written for a sextet, a string sextet in the case of Verklärte Nacht and a piano sextet in the case of Mendelssohn’s op 110. Rich tone colours portray two opposite qualities; opposite emotionally, structurally, and linguistically.

WHEN: 24th August 21.00
WHERE: Hotel Minoa Palace, Platanias
Tickets: 10€
Tickets are sold at the Minoa Palace Resort


Arnold Schönberg’s   Verklärte Nacht

Andreas Papanikolaou – Violin
Faidon Miliadis – Violin
David Bogorad – Viola
George Demertzis – Viola
Angelos Liakakis – Cello
Margarita Balanas – Cello

Felix Mendelssohn: Piano Sextet in D major

Titos Gouvelis – Piano
Andreas Papanikolaou – Violin
David Bogorad – Violin
George Demertzis – Viola
Angelos Liakakis – Cello
Konstantinos Sifakis – Double Bass


Second Concert: 27th August : “Spiritual in Music”
Third Concert: 29th August: “Images”
Fourth Concert: 1st September: “Memorial”

Chamber Music Festival
Chamber Music Festival at Minoa Palace



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