Beach Cleaning at Ravdoucha Harbour

The Kissamos Beach Cleaning Group  met for the second cleaning at Korfalonas beach on Sunday. There was no rubbish at that beach, so they did track  a lot tracks of the nesting turtles and discussed how to protect those nests against damage vehicles driving on the beach. There is a need  to stop the driving on the beach.

As  the need to clean the rubbish at the harbour of Ravdoucha was very necessary  a cleaning in this area was arranged for the  following day :

And as you can see in the pictures : it was really necessary there. With the additional help of a tourist, who put his book away and joined, we were able to collect 16 bags of plastic rubbish. As there were strong west winds in the Kissamos Bay last week, all the rubbish was driven into the harbour.

There is still a lot to collect. Please feel free to go to this wonderful piece of earth to help to clean. Group cleaning will be announced .
Please send an email if you want to be informed about the regular dates for the group cleaning.

along the harbour of Ravdoucha and in the sea before: plastic soup

one hour of cleaning at and in the sea


more clean, 16 bags of plastic and a happy goose