6th CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL at Minoa Palace Resort, Platanias 7th, 11th and 13th September

Three days of classical music  at the Minoa Palace Resort.

Tickets: € 10,-  sold at the Minoa Palace.
Tel.: 2821 036500

7th Chamber music festival

7th September  1st concert  21.00

The Festival begins with two always beloved but not so often played works. The usually neglected in the favour of the first piano trio, second piano trio of Mendelssohn and the monumental Cello Quintet of Schubert. Both of these works, in the tonality of C, minor for the trio and major/minor for the quintet became for their respective composers a sort of trial against Beethoven’s huge figure that was looming above them and all his contemporary composers and had already established C minor as his own tonality by producing unsurpassable works such as the Pathetique piano sonata, the 5th Symphony and the Coriolan.

Mendelssohn Piano Trio 2​

Franz Schubert String Quintet​


11th September 2nd concert

A tribute to the chamber music of Russian composers, our second concert for this year’s festival takes you to a unique musical journey from the cymbals of war in Prokofiev’s 6th piano sonata, to the mystery of the sacred in Rachmaninoff’s cello sonata and finally to an ebullient, almost joyous quintet by Shostakovich.

Rachmaninoff’s cello sonata written in 1901 functions in this program as an introvert, contemplative abyss between two very extrovert works premiered in 1940 when the war was raging and all the world was swirling around it.

Prokofiev Piano Sonata 6

Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata

Shostakovich Piano Quintet


13th September  3rd concert

Our third concert explores two pieces with a unique colour and structure Schubert’s fantasy for four hands and Ravel’s Trio and ends in a stream of light and freshness with Schumann’s piano quartet. Schubert’s fantasy as well as Ravel’s trio both seem to be written with the sonata form in mind and both go in great lengths to explore the possibilities and musical textures of the instruments they were written for. Schubert wrote his fantasy only months before his death and Ravel a week before going to WWI’s battlefield. The element of urgency as well as the nostalgic, heartbreaking and introvert melodies speak of the inner thoughts of these composers. Finally,  Schumann’s piano quartet with its structural clarity and classical forms with offer the needed release from the previous tension and lead us to the end of the festival in a mostly cathartic way.

F.Schubert Fantasy for Four Hands
Maurice Ravel Piano Trio
Robert Schumann Piano Quartet

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