River Cleaning in Kissamos, 23 April

Clean community, healthy life. Let’s keep the rivers clean!

Kissamos River and Rubbish

Sunday morning, April 23rd, 10am.

Are you proud of the place where you live? Help keep it clean!

The rivers are hubs of life. Water supports plants, animals and our livelihoods. It’s of fundamental importance that we keep rivers clean and in the best condition.

Anything we throw away, out of the appropriate places, ends up in the soil, in the waters and eventually in the food we eat and in the water and oil we drink. And besides, we want our children to play and swim in a healthy environment and in a clean sea!

Kids Playing on a Clean Beach

Kissamos is blessed with a great wealth of natural resources and beautiful areas. Let’s keep them all and always clean.

We’re meeting, with welly boots and gloves, at the river mouth in Kasteli, by the basketball court. We will take action and collect rubbish from the river and its estuary.

We all care. We’ll all be there.


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.