‘The Carnival of the Animals’ – activities for children 5th and 6th March in Chania

A delightful and unique experience for  Greek speaking children.
Musical activities  based on the famous musical  “The Animal Carnival” by the French  composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

WHERE: CAM- Mediterranean Centre of Architecture. For map click here.

WHEN: 5th and 6th March,  11 – 13.00
Registration by March 1,
Tel. 2821034200  Mr. Theano Venardaki .
First come first served.

Two groups of children will be organized:

  1. 5-7 years, maximum number of children 12 – Saturday, March 5, 11-13.00
  2. 7-10 years, maximum number of children 15 – Sunday, March 6, 11-13.00

The activities combine disguise, music and musical instruments as it is a work that describes various animals through musical compositions and musical instruments separately for each of them. Pianos for the voice of the lion, violins and violas for hens, contrabass for elephants, flutes for fish, and more and imaginative!
Through play and games the children will learn music, musical instruments, movement, rhythm, and will build animal masks. Then skilled makeup artists will paint the faces of children.

The animals are having a carnival, and the guests are arriving. There’s the majestic lion, the braying mules, the dancing elephant, and the bouncy kangaroos. Even the fossils join in with a fast and rattly dance.

Evocative melodies create an ideal introduction for young children to the world of classical music.


Carnival of Animals
“The Carnival of the Animals”



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