‘Soul Melodies’ – Ross Daly Charity Concert Chania 11th February

Melodies for the soul will fill the St. George Hospital of Chania on 11th February. This concert, organized in support of the Music Therapy group of the Psychiatric Department, is for the general public.

WHEN:  Saturday,  11th February 9 pm

WHERE:  auditorium  of the General Hospital Chania, Mournies. For map click here


Ross Daly Concert Hospital Chania
Kelly Thoma

 Ross Daly ( Cretan Lyra and other instruments),
Kelly Thomas (lyra)
Maritza Katsouna (percussion) and Xanthoula Ntakovanou (vocals, percussion) and Commander Vasilakos (accordion).

The title of the  Ross Daly concert is “Soul Melodies”. All proceeds will go to the  successfully operating music therapy group of the Psychiatric Clinic of the General Hospital of Chania.
The Music Therapy group take their  musical instruments to work, which the hospital can not provide because of financial difficulties during the crisis.

The concert for the general public, and calls for all and of course for all who believe in the healing power of music, and thus support the work of music therapy group of the Psychiatric Department.

“The relationship between  music and medical treatment is very old. From the Old Testament, David cure melancholy of King Saul with the lyra, while in ancient Greece the Asclepieia was equipped with a conservatory.”

Xanthoula Ntakovanou  (graduated from the Athens Medical School, the University of Paris V (MA Music Therapy) and also from the French Homeopathic School (Hôpital St Jaques):

“For 20 years Ross Daly’s  work has inspired me deeply as a musician, and in the 10 years that I practice music therapy in France and Greece I use his music for my  work with the mentally ill.
My favorite for this work is the album of “Microcosmos“: sacramental, deep, with bright and dark passages (…)
When I told Ross that this album has become a favorite of many patients in the music therapy sessions, he talked about the new work in duet with Kelly Thomas, characterized by similar musical tones. Indeed, when I listened to this piece,  very soon the words “touching”, “deep” and “mystical” came to my mind, and with emotion I called Ross and Kelly to interpret their compositions in concert to support the music therapy group, which they accepted with enthusiasm! I was grateful for that. ”

So, in duet you will hear the Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma on February 11, they  will take us into a magical world of music through their compositions, which are influenced by various musical traditions. Their particular sound is not linked exclusively to any particular genre, but is a mix of timeless and ancient traditions in a new, creative light.

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