Film comedy “The Friendzone Plan” Chania 1st and 2nd October

This amateur film comedy “The Friendzone Plan” is a must-see comedy, and take your girlfriend with you!

1st and 2nd October

Saturday: 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm

Cultural Centre of Chania – ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ – (next to the Park of Peace & Friendship), Papandreou 74. For map click here

Entrance: free
Instead of ticket, in the lobby there will be a box for financial support for the Association ORIZONTAS (in support of children suffering from cancer)

You have to come to the Chania Cultural Center on 1st or 2nd October to learn about the secrets of escaping from the ‘friend zone.

Plot summary 


Involuntarily, a boy becomes a”platonic friend” of a girl in an attempt to launch a love affair.

Mr. O Spark is a mysterious guy who sees his mission in life in eradicating the scourge of the friend zone. He sets up a plan to help 6 guys to get out of this.Through demanding tests, endless moments of laughter and new experiences these guys discover new aspects of themselves, so as to be ready when they should be judged in the end.

Director: Kostas Spanoudakis

Writer: Francis Marangoudakis

Production Manager Tasos Fourakis

Sound: Nikos Vasilantonakis

Assistant Director: Barbara Alygizaki



I'm Austrian living in Tavronitis, love nature, music, good books, sunsets, the sea, travelling, socializing and more. I came to Crete as a student in the early 70s, exploring the west and southwest of the island with friends by motorbike. When you are young everything is important and, there are lots of things to do...I did. Job, family,children, travelling the world. But I never lost my love for Crete for a minute. And nine years ago I ended up in this convenient corner of Crete, not only for holidays, but to stay and haven't regretted it for a minute.