Charity race-walk & Triathlon, Agii Apostoli, Chania


During the weekend of 1st & 2nd October, the YPERKOPELI triathlon will take place.

A weekend with various activities and opportunities for everyone to participate!


Saturday 1 and Sunday, October 2, at Agia Apostoli, Chania

Saturday, October 1, starting with a new Olympic triathlon race, the “Olympic Yperkopeli”, aimed at athletes and – unlike the traditional Yperkopeli – will have timing and ranking.

Another new action, the “Open Horizons” race-walk of 5km without timing and classification, in which participants will provide half the cost of their participation in any of our city charity organization want from you have registered (see . below).

Then, there will be “Pilaf party” for participants while a concert by the bands of Grace and George Pantermakis and Manos Malaxianaki.

The first day will conclude with Camping night, participants will spend the night in tents at the site of Agia Apostoli.

The second day, Sunday, October 2, consists of the well known loved “Yperkopeli” – It starts with Yperkopelaki for the third year running, followed by the usual beach parties and, finally, for the second year, the fun game “Super heroes”.


First day, Saturday, October 1:
* The Yperkopeli Olympic race is the Olympic triathlon, comprising 1,500 meters swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running. It is of racing character with official timing and ranking. Four qualifiying athletes: the first man and the first woman, the first youths (1 male & 1 female) will emerge as “Official Athletes – Horizon Ambassadors”. That is, the accreditation of officially representing Horizon in races throughout the next year will be given. Horizon will provide their full athletic appearance of the colors and the logos. The aim is to spread the message and Sports Community of  Horizon “Race for life”.

CLOSE ZONE CHANGE: 14.30, START OF THE RACE: 15.00 FEE: EUR 40 FACILITIES: electronic timing (chip) a technical T-shirt, cap, medal, commendation, voucher for rice, 2 souvlaki and beer, AWARDS: 19.00 – 19.30

* The “Open Horizons” is a race-walk of 5 km where participants do not have to be athletes, and there is no timer and ranking. The aim is to promote and strengthen our city charities, since each participant will select a club in order to register for the race, which will recieve half of the cost of participation. The participating clubs are: KIFAP Lady, ELEPAP Association Thalassaemia Day Centre for Alzheimer KIFAAMEA, Arion, Association of Blood Donors Ag. Ioannis, Social Clinic Pharmacy Solidarity Chania, Cell Chalepa Prevention Center of Addictions and the Promotion of Psychosocial Health Law. Chania, fellow man, Santa Run, Horizon.

Turnout: 17.00 START: 18.00 FEES: 10 euros (5 euros for organization +5 euro in selected union) FACILITIES: medal, commendation, competition number, REGISTRATION / INFORMATION: clubs / institutions involved.

* Subsequently, there will be a “Pilaf party” – all participants are invited. Followed by concert bands of Grace and George Pantermakis and Manos Malaxianaki with skewers and beer.
LAUNCH PARTY: 19.30, START Concert: 20.00


Second day, Sunday, October 2:
* The Yperkopelaki is a mini triathlon race, of non-competitive character, for children aged 8-12 years. The young athletes will swim 50 meters, then will drive 2 miles on bikes and finally will run 500 meters. The purpose of the mini triathlon is the transmission of Yperkopeliou message to our kids. Right to participate has any child above age group, and provided a deposit responsible parent or guardian declaration must allow participation in the race. The affirmation and the entry form can be filled in the registration point.
Attendance: 8.00 START: 9.00, FEE: EUR 10 FACILITIES: T-shirt, medal, commendation, coupon for barbecue and refreshment.

* The traditional Yperkopeli race is amateur in nature, in which the athlete sequentially participate in three events and even a row with no space beyond that needed to wear clothes or adjust his equipment. The race will begin with distance swimming 400m. Then athletes will embark on their bikes and will conduct route 15 km and finally will run 4km around the small park of the Apostles.
For the first time this year, four athletes (1 man, 1 woman, 1 boy, 1 girl) will be selected also from the classic amateur Yperkopeli to be “Official Athletes – Horizon Ambassadors”.

Attendance: 9.00, START: 10.00 FEE: EUR 15 FACILITIES: T-shirt, cap, medal, commendation, coupon for 2 souvlaki and beer.

* Party on the beach with dj set, souvlaki and beers, but also with their favorite “Super Heroes”, an entertaining battle in the sand. An arena battle in Apostoli beach will await all participants, while a team prepares participants by making them look like a parody of super heroes.
COST: € 5.

Registration for the Olympic Yperkopeli, the Yperkopeli and Yperkopelaki will be made until September 28 at the offices of Horizon (Manousogiannaki 17 tel .: 2821079650, 9 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday) and the shop Aqua Fit ( Koronaiou 4 tel .: 2821093498, store hours).
Registration for the race “Open Horizons” will take place in association / institution participant, until September 23.


Saturday, October 1: 10.00 – 20.00
Sunday, October 2: 8.00 – 9.30

Technical shirt: € 15 extra
Discounts Yperkopelakia whose parents participate in Yperkopeli or Yperkopeli Olympic: participation fee € 5 and participants Yperkopeli Olympic wishing to participate in Yperkopeli: Yperkopeli participation costs 10 euros.
For the fourth consecutive year, the actions involved teams of two (2) or three (3) people, provided one of them to have a disability. The purpose is to provide information, awareness and interaction of athletes of the local population with students – athletes with a disability.
At competitions are holding limits for this expedite your registration. [Yperkopeli Olympic: 50 people Open Horizons: 600 people Yperkopelaki: 100 Yperkopeli: 200]
For more information or for those wishing to volunteer can be contacted at tel .: 2821079650 “Horizon”.
Email: yperkopelichania@gmail.com
www.facebook.com/yperkopelichania and www.orizondas.gr

The entire event is the Sports Hang club “Horizon” with the support of the sporting goods store Aqua Fit, to strengthen the volunteer club and support “Horizon”.
The “Horizon” is a non-profit organization, founded 12 years ago in our city, in order to support economic, moral and psychological level, especially children affected by cancer and to be hospitalized in Greece or abroad. The Sport Hang Horizon this year celebrates eight years of existence. From this year on, the organization Yperkopeli establishes a new institution, it highlights “Official Athletes – ambassadors Horizon” for next year. The aim is to spread the message of the Sport company and the Horizon, “Race for life”. Meanwhile, the Horizon can provide and anyone wishing to spread the message, the official athletic look, with the colors and logos of Horizon.