Cleaning Falasarna hidden side

On a brisk Wednesday afternoon, the Kissamos Beach Cleaning team ventured for the first time to Falasarna beach.

We met at Falasarna harbour, 14 of us in the end, and proceeded to pick up litter moving North.

We found plenty of plastic, bottles, ropes, net bits, tar and other big parts along the coast. We cleaned between the rocks and on some small sandy coves. The Westerly wind of the previous days had blown lots of rubbish to this shore, and it got trapped in the rough coastline. We managed to fill up some 15 big bags in a short time. We stopped for a drink afterwards and watched the sun set among the clouds. Antikythira and even Kythira islands, some 100km away, were visible in the distance.

Kissamos Beach Cleaning team in Falasarna
Kissamos Beach Cleaning team in Falasarna

As reported by a member of the team, one local lady saw the many bags of rubbish we had collected. She was very grateful for someone taking some care of what, as she explained, is considered a forgotten part of Falasarna beach, a “no man’s land”. It is certainly not as popular as the busy beach area slightly further North, where many beach bars and tavernas maintain ‘their’ sections of the beach. However, it has some nice stretches of public sandy beach, so it was well worth it for us.

Till next time!


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.