Verekinthos Artistic Village, Chania – Festival 7-10th August 2016

Verekynthos welcomes visitors in early afternoon when open workshops are ready to show their art and their technique.
There is a rich cultural program designed by the residents, in collaboration with renowned musician John Papatzani. A program with many activities, workshops and of course lots of music shapes this year’s Festival.

Workshops – Activities

Guests will have the opportunity to attend and participate in puppet production workshops, percussion workshop, outdoor pottery kilns, interactive dance workshop and outdoor painting.

They can watch puppet performances, contemporary dance, interactive representation of Argentine Tango, a theatrical game indoors and travel to the stars through a powerful telescope.


The program

Sunday 7th August
At 6pm the pre-festival night starts with a lesson for making and baking true traditional bread with Ms Malamo Mylogiannaki.

At 9.00pm Aspasia Vasilikaki and Kosmas Lilikakis present: Kamini – subject or object – furnace. Burning ceramics, the Round Square.

At 9.00pm Leonidas Maridakis in a solo audio appearance with the guitar.
At 10.00pm An interactive Tango performance by Dimitris and Frini.

The evening will close with a dj set with music from the Mediterranean.

Monday 8th August

At 5.00pm Seminar motion – space – object by Sofia Falierou. Registrations at tel. 6945793984

At 6.00pm Madura workshop with George Skreti. With raw materials like a pole, knife and a nail we will learn to construct a primitive wind instrument. For information, tel. 6906 454790

At 6.00pm Theatrical game with Katerina Chelioudaki, especially for children.

At 8.00 pm “The Kinesiology Group Garaze … in motion” (Rethymno)
When bodies co-travel and share their searches?
Kinesiology group observes the personal characteristics of each performer and also the emotional and expressive interactions of the group. In structured improvisation or in choreographic form.
Choreographic structure: Sofia Falierou.

At 9.00pm Akis Pitsanis with «The lonely man project».
A solo project combining timbres sunrise and sunset. Based on an electric guitar and coexistence of traditional instruments such as the ney and the pear-shaped lyre

Giorgis Xylouris (Psarogiorgis) is an excellent laoutista. Jim White on the other hand, has been a drummer of Dirty Three for years, has also to his credit collaborations with Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Will Oldham and PJ Harvey. Musicians from different audio camps, interact and bring their own international musical experience to the performance.

At 24.00 Donkey Hotties
Four musicians with different musical backgrounds join their talent, focusing in their love for melodic vocals of soul and rhythms of funk. They follow the path of the soul and funk and are inspired by the diversity of the great artists and performers.
Donkey Hotties:
Michael Pappas- guitar
Pantelis Bakogeorgos – bass
Lycurgus Vathylakos-drums
Alexia Katsanevakis-voice

Tuesday August 9

At 5.00pm Seminar motion – space – object, by Sofia Falierou. Registrations at tel. 6945793984

At 6.00pm Construction and manipulation workshop of dolls for children
Supervision: Evangelia Kambouraki
During the workshop participants will make own dolls for everybody with simple materials and participants will become puppeteers putting up magical worlds and fantastic adventures.
Age of participants: 5yrs+
Number of participants: 20
Tel. contact / reservations: 6973527725


At 8.30pm Puppet show
“Sotiris the Fakir”
Sotiris the fakir after a long journey dreams of a hot plate of lentils ….
But things are not so easy for him …
But he will not be put down … could Sotiris defeat all obstacles with magic or with our help?
Magic tricks, snake dancing, lots of music and comedy scenes follow one another … where East meets West …
The show has already been performed for three years in schools, cultural associations, municipalities, And has been presented at international puppet festivals in Greece and abroad.


At 9.30pm “Meltemi”
Rania Rosopoulos – Flute, Danae Koletsa – Violin, Freedom Blazaki – Accordion, Nina calf – Mandolin, Kyriakos Eleftheriadis – Oud, Panos Siasios -Contrabass, Miloud Haidoud – Percussion.
Melodic winds from the Mediterranean up to northwest Europe are mixed and acquire a particular expression. A journey full of rhythms and timbres West and East with oud, violin, flute, accordion, mandolin, double bass and percussion.

At 10.30pm Achilles Persides quintet
Room sounds, experimental, sometimes dreaming, sometimes ceremonial, rural sounds and secret places. Musician’s roads built like with a painting palette. Persides incorporates elements and influences in Achilles guitarist compositions from the old geographical Music City inheritance. Crete, Mediterranean and modern aesthetics of instrumental music. Achilles Persides has undertaken all these elements among many other things to explore his music …

At 24:00 The Alan Dalon
The Alan Dalon band undertakes swing moods and atmosphere covers to close Tuesday night.
The Alan Dalon are:
Vaggelio Fasoulakis, voice
Sotiris Alexakis, guitar – vocals
Nikos Vergos, guitar
The community “Lindy hop Chania” will dance in the swing rhythms.

Wednesday 10th August

At 5.00pm Seminar motion – space – object by Sofia Falierou. Registrations at tel. 6945793984

At 6.00pm Percussionseminar with John Papatzani.

From 9.00pm Star gazing through a powerfull telescope with equipment from the Astronomy Friends Club Crete.

At 8.30pm “Alicante” duet & “Call for tea” team
The first duet is inspired by the poem “Alicante” by the French poet Jacques Prévert. And the second from “Alice in Wonderland”. The choreographic composition is by Sophia Falierou and performer.


At 9.00pm Commander Georgoulis & George Psaltis
Songs, organic objects of Zeybek the Turk will be the central core of this material. The performance will be complemented by a series of songs of Cappadocia and Macedonia

At 10.00pm Ross Daly, Vassilis Stavrakakis, Yorgos Manolakis, Kelly Thomas, John Papatzanis.
Ross Daly has a set of music originating from his vast travels to the Mediterranean cultures and beyond. He is a virtuoso, detector, teacher but especially passionate listener of world music. Vasilis Stavrakakis is a legendary performer. George Manolakis, Kelly Thomas and John Papatzanis are experienced jam session musicians…

At 24:00 Maria Fasoulakis ‘West wind, East window’
Maria Fasoulakis presents songs born in Greece from influences of the West and the East
with Haris Vlastaki, John Polychronaki and Panagiotis Kapizionis

Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th at 7.30pm, the workshop no. 33 will become an artistic installation – performance titled “The Flower” by Dimitris Makraki.



More information (currently only in Greek): Verekinthos Festival 2016 Facebook page