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Kissamos Archaeological Museum

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 8.00 – 15.00

Entry Ticket: 2€

This is a small, but wonderful museum.   The mosaics alone are worth the visit and the entrance fee – just 2 euro.  You can now buy a ticket that will cover you for other local sites.

“The museum is housed in a Veneto-Turkish city monument known as the Dioikitirio (Government House).  It’s exhibits provide a historical picture of the most important city-states in Western Crete, including Polyrrhenia, Phalasarna and the Greco- Roman city of Kissamos from prehistoric times to late antiquity.  Mosaic floors, concealed coin hoards and a 4th century BC female tomb with a large number of grave goods are some of the exhibits visitors may admire at the museum.”    – extract from Ministry of Culture leaflet.



See the link below for a downloadable brochure about the museum – in both Greek and English.   This link gives details of the opening hours.

It also lists days it is closed for holidays, plus the following free days.

6 March (in memory of Melina Mercouri)
18 April (International Monuments Day)
18 May (International Museums Day)
The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)
28 October
Every first Sunday from November 1st to March 31st