Beach Cleaning around Kolymbari

On Sunday evening, the Kissamos beach cleaning team gathered between Kolymbari and Tavronitis to do some litter-picking there. Some members of the team live in the area, and it’s good to keep open minds and expand our horizons!

We met at 7pm, and we worked our way around the middle of the beach, which also has turtles nesting, until sunset. The temperature and the breeze made it quite pleasant. We saw a turtle nest, right by some villas that were built more or less on the beach. We also saw the construction works for a huge project just behind the beach, and a lot of water being pumped towards the shore. It looks like there’s going to be some new big hotel there soon. We also found a ‘wealth’ of rubbish in the bushes just behind the beach, car parts and other big objects, apparently dumped on the spot years ago and long forgotten, with vegetation surrounding it.

After about an hour and a half of action, the 15-strong team had collected some 20 big bags of rubbish, which are equivalent to: one pick-up truckful (as you can see in a picture), or two big municipal bins. Another successful beach cleaning!

Till next time!


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3 thoughts on “Beach Cleaning around Kolymbari

  • David Dowse

    Bravo to the volunteers. But what is really needed is a proper educational campaign to stop people leaving rubbish everywhere. It’s one of the biggest let downs for this beautiful island.

    • Thanks for the encouragement.
      Obviously things can still be vastly improved, at the same time to my eyes it already looks better than in the past.
      Besides the beach cleaning itself, which is already educational in itself, as in ‘look, all these people care and act!’, we also do other things, like the beach info signs.
      We take on more volunteers, just send us an email if you’re interested.
      Everyone is very welcome to join, the more we are, the better we can help, and the clearer the message will be!

      • Many of my Greek Facebook friends have seen, liked and shared the post about the new signs and cleaning. So maybe tourists and local people will follow your good example. I hope so! Well done to all of you.

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