Turtle activity in Kissamos

Turtle and vehicle tracks next to each other
Turtle and vehicle tracks next to each other

The beautiful beaches of Kissamos attract people and sea turtles alike!

Yesterday, 6 new signs of turtle activity were found on Kissamos beaches, mostly in the Korfalonas area.

Some of them are nests that will produce hundreds of little turtles, in a process that is hundreds of million years old. Yes, sea turtles were here much longer before anyone else!

Hopefully they will be able to survive the pressure put on them and continue to exist in the future. At the moment, their nests are threatened by the many vehicles inexplicably driving on the beach right up to the shore.

Cars on the beach, which are unfortunately a common sight in Kissamos, are a big nuisance for people, and a lethal threat for sea turtles.

Two cars on Korfalonas beach!
Two cars on Korfalonas beach! In the same exact spot where a sea turtle tried to nest.


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