Kalyviani beach cleaner and cleaner

Last Tuesday the Kissamos Beach Cleaning team gathered at Viglia-Kalyviani beach to continue the long job of cleaning the beach there.

About 15 people met in the middle of the beach. We had a couple of new cleaners from Norway, so the mix of people was quite diverse as usual.

We split into two teams and we went both East and West.

Going West there is still a lot of rubbish, plastic and tar, which collects here in the corner of the bay because of the prevailing NE wind and currents. The presence of abandoned greenhouse old material, breaking up and blowing away, is another factor. We have already been on this beach a few times this year already however, and the difference compared to when we first came is very noticeable. We all commented that it already looked much cleaner.

Going East, there is less rubbish and more people. Still, especially on the high tide line, we found lots of small bits of plastic and tar, things that float and wash up with the big waves.

In the end we collected about 20 big bags full of rubbish and a few big spare plastic parts: a good pick-up truck load!

Till next time!


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.