The feast of ‘Klidonas’ & Fire jumping, Spilia, June 23-24th

In the village of Spilia, (see map) there is a movement to revive the ancient tradition of “Klidona”

There will be a 2-part celebration, taking place in the village square of Spilia

On Thursday 23rd June, from 8pm, the girls of the village will make wreaths and collect water from the well. In the original tradition people would tease the girls while they did this, to try and elicit a response, but they (try to!) remain silent, as the water must be “silent”.

The girls then put a small trinket: ‘rizikari’ (destiny), (originally, a personal valuable) into the water, cover the containers and leave them overnight.


On Friday 24th June, from 9pm, again in the village square of Spilia:

This day is also the celebration of St. John (Agios Ioannis)

They will burn the wreaths and revive the custom of “fire jumping”. Originally, young people or children would leap over the fire three times. According to Greek folk customs, the fire can ward off misfortune, evil spirits and sickness.

The girls will then uncover the water, and will receive a prediction/vision of her future husband. In the original custom, the pots were left during the night and whoever the women would see in their dreams that night, would become her future husband. Different versions of the rite existed and it was quite an elaborate ceremony in times past.