Running with Kiliaris, 26th June 2016

The Municipality of Apokoronas, the Public Benefit Corporation of Apokorona, the Runners Club of Chania and Health Clubs and players in the region co-organizes and invite you, young and old, to participate in a sport/recreational activity; walking or running, also accessible to parents and children.

1) RACE road (Kalyves – Nio Chorio – Stylos) 13.5km

2) Nature walk (walk – run) Nio Chorio – Stylos 6km

3) Students Nature Walk (Walking – running for children (Dimotiko – Gymnasio) & Parents: Armeni – Stylos) 3.5km

Relatively easy and with great interest the three beautiful nature walks pass amidst lush vegetation and especially due to the flow of the Koiliaris River offers astonishing details. June is the most beautiful period, in which the region is in full flower, associated with the presence of water throughout most of the length of Koiliaris river.

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