Beach Cleaning in Nopigia

Nopigia Rubbish
Nopigia Rubbish

Last Sunday the Kissamos beach cleaning team went litter picking in Nopigia.

More than 20 people gathered, from different villages and different countries of origin but all with a common purpose. We started from the far Eastern end of Nopigia beach, near the campsite, and proceeded to clean the beach coming Westwards, towards Kissamos.

The group was so big that it was split into two parts, and about half of the cleaners proceeded towards Mythimna and the river next to the olive factory to clean the big amounts of rubbish there.

It was another very successful effort, with an estimated 60+ big bags of rubbish collected along an approximately 2km long stretch of beach.

We even had a guest beach cleaner, Bridget, who takes part in the same kind of activity along the southern UK coastline. It’s reassuring to meet like-minded people, and to be reminded that we’re not the only crazy ones doing this sort of thing!


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