9th Kissamos Culture Festival – preliminary program

The provisional program for the annual Kissamos Culture Festival, now in its 9th year, has been released.
The festival runs in August, from 5th – 21st August 2016, and includes stalls, local and handmade products, shows, dancing, music and other events. Worth a visit!

From 5 to August 13 – Tasting Days
Traditional Cretan products (cheese, honey, oil, etc.) will be exhibited to the public by professional primary-sector producers.Visitors have the opportunity to experience the tradition, taste and uniqueness of Cretan products.

From 14 to August 21 – Days of Creation
Unique and special hand-made items. Exhibitors from all over Greece present their creations, their art and their philosophy.

At the same time as the above, as also stated by the organizers “the musical tradition of the area will be presented by clubs in the region and beyond, we will exchange ideas and images to present to the visitor a true picture of the culture of the area with hospitality to be the main element of this.”

Along with the musical events will be parallel events which will address specific parts of the regional culture such as sewing a traditional Cretan uniform, creating dishes using only traditional products and more. In this aspect, as noted, the participation of the traditional clubs of the area and the compound of cultural operators Kissamos will play a key role. The organizers invite to participate actively with the sole purpose of proper presentation of the culture and tradition of the place to the visitors of the city .

Moreover, in their announcement the organizers invite all institutions and associations of Kissamos to bring concrete ideas and suggestions for improving the quality of the festival to the table until Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at the offices of K.E.DI.K.