National Cycle Ride, Chania Sunday May 15th

The Nationwide Cycle Ride place the same day in dozens of cities in Greece, with the aim of promoting Urban Bike and Cycling as a friendly, eco, healthy, affordable, sustainable mode of transport.

This year’s messages:

Reduce private cars .. TO INVEST IN BICYCLES!

We demand:
Upgrading Communications,
Cycling Infrastructure
Review of traffic regulations,
Tackling Bicycle Theft.

The Nationwide Cycle Ride does not belong to any team, but throughout the cycling community. There is a long history of collective participation in the organization and support of the action. Our proposal is to organize an open meeting of collectives and individual/s cyclists, as it was in the past.

We invite each and every cyclist to participate in the Nationwide Cycle Ride, Sunday May 15th at 6pm in, Market Square, Chania.

Participation is free and each and every one of us is responsible for his / her safety.

Chania Organizers: Podilatreis

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/503180536557547/