Holy week, Easter and May day!

This year, a lot of festivities are falling around the same time.  It is now Holy Week (Megali Evdomada) in Greece, the build up to Easter. If you want to read more about the traditions and meaning of Holy Week, have a look at this link.

Here’s a nice recipe for Tsoureki, traditional Easter bread, if you fancy trying your hand at making your own!

Since Easter Sunday falls on May 1st* this year (2016), the government has declared an extra day of holiday: Tuesday May 3rd.

*May 1st is Labour Day, a Greek Public Holiday


So please check opening times of your local shops & supermarkets, as we have a lot of holidays in a row.

Fri April 29th = Megali Paraskevi (Reminder: Easter Bazaar being held in Kissamos)

Sun May 1st = Easter Sunday

Mon May 2nd = Easter Monday

Tues May 3rd = “Labour Day” holiday in lieu.


Kalo Pasxa!