Cleaning of Ravdoucha Beach

Last Thursday, on an amazing spring day, the Kissamos Beach Cleaning went to Ravdoucha.

We met at the small harbour and immediately realized that it would be a long job. The strong Westerly wind from the previous days had pushed plenty of floating plastic and other debris towards this side of the bay.

Karolin, who lives in Ravdoucha, said she’d been swimming in a sea of plastic just the day before.

We set out to clean all that we could. Thanks to the big turnout (about 10 people) and because of the long stretch of coastline to do, about 1.3km, we split into small teams.

By the end of the morning, after about 3 hours of work, we had collected something like 30 big bags of rubbish. Some of it we had fished out directly from the sea!

We ended the morning with a nice meal kindly offered by Rodo from the Wave on the Rock taverna at the Southern end of Ravdoucha beach. Big thanks to her and her family.

We promised to return soon, to finish picking up all the plastic still floating near the coast and bound to wash up in the next few days.

Ravdoucha cleaning part II is happening next Wednesday 4th May, at the small harbour in Ravdoucha at 9:30 am.


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.