Spring ROAD TOUR championship 2016 (cycling) Chania

CHANIA CYCLING RACES in collaboration with P.O.CH. Talos ANEK LINES and Platanias organizes a road cycling race SPRING TOUR Championship West Crete, on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016

REGULATIONS: Applicable regulations of FBS
Check athletes per 1 minute in time trial races. Forbidden aerodynamic devices. Escorting athletes not allowed.

SPECIFIC REGULATIONS: The specific regulations of the Championship are posted on the website of the organization: https://www.facebook.com/chaniacyclingraces

More information about the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1524928727809889/

1st Leg: http://goo.gl/RK2A7X
2nd Leg: http://goo.gl/mrnDIQ
3rd Leg: http://goo.gl/MQKm0W
Registration Form: http://goo.gl/forms/7QI9ZT0zfl