Relief collection for Refugees – 16th – 18th March 2016

A consortium of Kissamos and Selino charitable and volunteer bodies will be collecting material for distribution to refugees between the 16th and 18th March 2016.

They say: “Cultural and charitable institutions can not remain inactive in front of the refugee and humanitarian crisis, which is gigantic”

Items can be left in the EPOFEK office at Villa Xagorari cultural centre in Kastelli (Iroon Politechneiou)  from 10am to 2pm on each of the three dates above.

They are seeking items from several categories.

Clothing / supplies

Sleeping bags, waterproof adult / children,
Socks absorbent, Underwear (from crafts), insulated underwear, thermal blankets,
Packets for rubbish,
Plastic dishes and glasses,
Aluminum food trays, plastic cutlery, napkins


Long-term food
B.C. Dry food impulse (snacks)
Powdered Milk
Baby / infant foods in jars


Toilet paper
Plate/glass cloths


Antiseptic hand wash,
Saline in ampules,
Tongue depressors,
Fucidin gauze

creative items for children

Coloring books, markers, crayons, etc.



Epofek logo
Epofek logo


The Metropolis of Kissamos & Selino , the Union of Cultural District Agencies Kissamos , the Association of Masters & Miss Kastelli “Social Welfare “, the Association Kaloudiana Women “The Annunciation” and the Association of Masters & Miss St. Anthony , in cooperation with the House volunteer Samaritans Rescue Lifeguards & TT Red Cross Kissamos.




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