Post-Carnival Party “Ena Einai T’Aidoni” – at Stimadoris Kissamos

The association “Traditional association of Western Crete – CretanDreams” will host a carnival celebration.

When: 13th March, 20:00 – 23:00
Where: Stimadoris Restaurant, Kissamos

Entrance €5 pp

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1030339853693837/


The Last Sunday of Carnival, and we celebrate in the traditional Kissamos way. After the established Carnival, Kissamos will expect you to stay for a wander, coffee, party and feast until dawn in the whole town.  We will host a party at the Stimadorakis restaurant, located at the edge of Kissamos on the right as you go to the port.

Rich music and dance show with dances and songs from today through the Cretan tradition, the members of our Association, until 22:00.

With warmed mood and appetite will follow a feast for the whole world. We will be joined by our local band composed of Stratis Skaraki (violin), Annousakis George (lute), Sapounakis Michael (Guitar) and Skaraki Manolis (percussion).

Contact for reservation: 28220 – 22057, only before 20:00H.

The presence of members, friends and the whole world, will be our pleasure and honor.

Arrive from: 19:30
Starting time: 20:00

* MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION PAY ENTRANCE ONLY FOR THE FIRST 4 FAMILY MEMBERS, after which, children & grandparents are free.