Olive waste processing factory – survey

Neoi Orizontes, the local newspaper of the Kissamos area, is running a survey to ask for local residents opinions on whether the olive waste factory on the beach at Korfalonas should continue operating, or be shut down.

The survey has been running since December, and so far the voting is nearly 62% in favour of allowing the factory to continue operations.

If you wish to vote,  click here to go to the Neoi Orizontes home page – the survey can be found somewhere down the right-hand side of the page. Using an online translator, such as Google Translate will make the selections a little more obvious for English speakers.

In short,

‘Να κλείσει σήμερα = It should close today

Να συνεχίσει κανονικά τι λειτουργία του = It should continue functioning as normal

Ψήφος = Vote! – (Press this button to vote once you have selected your opinion)

Προβολή = View results – (this will show you the results of the votes cast in the last week by default – to see more, move the slider at the bottom of the results window to the left to show results from the entire survey)


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