Kissamos Beach Cleaning strikes again!

On Sunday morning, against adverse conditions and a fiercely chilling wind, the Kissamos Beach Cleaning team took up the job of completely cleaning the little beach on the Westernmost corner in Kissamos Bay, on the way to Balos beach.

The challenge was on. The pictures unfortunately don’t do justice, but we can tell you that the beach looked in a state of utter abandon, sadly showcasing how many types of rubbish are discarded in the sea. Because of the currents, this beach is especially known as a receptacle of great quantities of tar, as well as all the other common rubbish.

One and a half hour and 20 rubbish bags later, the highly cosmopolitan 11-person team (between residents and visitors we had Greek, German, Irish, English, French and Italian representatives), successfully reinstated acceptable conditions to the beach!

Next summer, the 300,000+ visitors to Balos beach will be spared an ugly encounter on their way there.


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.