Theatre „Κάθ…αρσις“- street performance – Chania 19th – 31st December

Street performance 19-31Dez“Freedom is not a good that belongs to us, it is what the laws, prejudices and  ignorance prevent us from acquiring.”


Saturday 19th December

Sunday 20th December

Thursday 24th December

Thursday 31st December

11:00 Municipal Market Square (Agora)

11:30 Halidon Str. (Alpha Bank)

12:00 Mousouron ( Pedestrian Zone in front of Café and Zacharaplasteio KRONOS)

The theatre group”Between light and shadow” ( Ανάμεσα στο φως και την σκιά)  under the direction of Roussa Markaki presents a thought provoking and timely  street performance again in Chania.

“FREEDOM is not a good that belongs to us, it is what the laws, prejudices, ignorance prevent us from acquiring. So we thought of presenting a street performance about what goes through our minds about the class conventions we follow or break, about the power and the pillars that support it, which are nothing but prejudices. Because for us sociability is not a choice but an essential survival strategy from which the ethics of mutual aid begins.”
Ann.: This theatre group presented a street performance last year in August on domestic violence in Chania (see kissamosnews posting)


Source: Theatre Group  Ανάμεσα στο φως και την σκιά






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