TEDx Chania 17th & 18th October

The developments of the day are unimaginable, and the information we receive every day is innumerable.

But until the historians of the future come to record on paper what is happening today, we are organizing the second TEDxChania Salon, in an effort to make things a little clearer.

Last year we tried to solve some misunderstandings in the field of architecture, archeology and psychology. A year and a pandemic later, our concerns have become more complex, more frightening, with a dressing of misinformation and conspiracy. Instead of trying to resist the change that has already taken place, within two days we try to clarify the information in six different fields, based on life outside and inside the screen, either due to teleworking or quarantine.

On October 17, three speakers from the fields of entrepreneurship, education and psychology will talk about how digital life can be efficient, purely pedagogical but also safe.

On October 18, three professionals will talk about how the pandemic invites us to discover new ways of managing telework, our e-business and tourism.

The programme contains several social networks, alternative tourism, effective e-learning, team bonding through teleworking, many workshops and discussions about digital addiction. It is a two-day reflection, informative conversation that aims to overcome misunderstanding by giving multiple explanations on issues that affect us all.

Stay tuned, BE AWARE about our event notifications and find out information about our speakers, themes, but also booking details!

Location: KAM (Mediterranean Architectural Centre in Chania)
Start time: 17:00

Link to event: https://tedxchania.com/

Organiser contact details: TEDx Chania